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Private Adoption



Private adoption is where birthparents choose the family to parent their child. Adoption Options works with both the birthparent(s) and prospective adoptive parent(s) throughout the process. Private adoptions are open which means there is full disclosure of identities.

Initial Application Appointment

At this appointment the agency’s policies and procedures will be explained and questions will be answered. You will be able to open your application at that time. This appointment is usually one hour in length.


Adoption Options provides a mandatory two day education seminar for prospective adoptive parent(s) that provides detailed information on the adoption process. Topics include adoption law and procedures, the adoption process, openness and issues you will encounter as an adoptive parent.

Upcoming Private Adoption Education Seminars (link to dates).


Manitoba law requires all prospective adoptive parent(s) undergo a homestudy to determine thier suitability, capability and willingness to parent a child. A social worker will conduct a series of personal interviews and complete this portion of the application. There are several requirements for the homestudy including criminal record checks, child abuse registry checks, prior contact checks, medicals and references.


Once the homestudy is approved the applicants are considered active and waiting. However, being approved does not guarantee placement of a child.


Adoption Options uses a tried-and-true system for matching birthmothers and prospective parents based on criteria submitted by both parties. This double match system allows birthmothers to view letters and photographs from approved families. Generally birthmothers view between three and fifteen families, narrowing it down to two and then read further information before they choose a family. Adoption Options facilitates an introductory meeting between the birthmother and prospective adoptive parent(s).


Once a family is chosen by birthparent(s), Adoption Options will work with both the birthparent(s) and prospective adoptive parent(s) through the placement process from start to finish to help ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved.


Our compassionate team is committed to providing ongoing support and counselling before, during and after placement for both the birth and adoptive family. 

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