Adoption is Love, Love is Family, Family is Forever

For Birth Parents

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy?

At Adoption Options we understand that an untimely pregnancy can be frightening and life-changing.

Adoption Options believes that with information and education comes knowledge and the ability to make an informed decision.

To help you make the decision that’s right for you, Adoption Options will:

  • help you consider all your options in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment
  • treat you with dignity and respect
  • help you access community services and resources you may need during and after your pregnancy
  • provide counselling throughout the process

There is no charge for these services and all of your information is confidential.

Adoption Options has worked with over 1000 women facing an untimely pregnancy.  Over 400 birthmothers have chosen Adoptions Options to help them place their children with loving families. Adoption Options specializes in private – open adoption, which means you not only select the family for your child, but you can choose to have ongoing contact with them.

We are committed to working with you so that you can make the decision that is best for you.  Follow these links to Explore Your Options or learn more through our Frequently Asked Questions.