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Birth Parents FAQ’s

What is private adoption?
If I come to Adoption Options will the focus be on placing my baby for adoption?
How long does the adoption process take?
If I am pregnant but no one knows, can I come in alone?
What control do I have when choosing a family for my child?
How often would I have contact with the child?
How much will the adoptive family know about me?
How much will I know about the adoptive parents?
Will my child know about me?
Does the birthfather have to know?
Will the adoption agency and/or the adoptive parent help with my expenses?
Can I change my mind after the baby is born?
Can I see my baby when he or she is born?

Private Adoption FAQ’s

How long is the wait?
Can a birthmother change her mind about her decision to place her baby for adoption?
Does an open adoption mean that there is unlimited contact between adoptive families and birthparents
What will the birthparents know about us?
What will we know about the birthparents?
Are there legal fees?

Intercountry Adoption FAQs

What factors should I consider in making a decision to adopt from another country?
Are there restrictions to who can apply?
What will we know about the child’s history?
Can we adopt more than one child?
Who are the children available for adoption?
How long will I have to wait to adopt a child?
Do we have to travel to the country?