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Intercountry Adoption


Pursuing Intercountry Adoption

Intercountry Adoption

In an intercountry adoption, Adoption Options acts as the local agency preparing all of the documents required to create the dossier.  Adoption Options partners with facilitating agencies who provide the “in-country” portion of the adoption services.

Initial Application Appointment

At this appointment the agency’s policies and procedures will be explained and questions will be answered.  You will be able to open your application at that time.  This appointment is usually one hour in length.


Adoption Options provides a mandatory two day education seminar for prospective adoptive parent(s) that provides detailed information on the adoption process. Topics include trans-racial adoption, loss, attachment, country specific information, citizenship, resources and post adoption parenting.


Manitoba law requires all prospective adoptive parent(s) to undergo a homestudy to determine their suitability, capability and willingness to parent a child. A social worker will conduct a series of personal interviews and complete this portion of the application. There are several requirements for the homestudy including criminal record checks, child abuse registry checks, prior contact checks, medicals and references.


Adoption Options helps to provide all the information required for the necessary documents to be assembled and prepared. Upon approval Adoption Options ensures that all requirements of the specific country are met.  Adoption Options forwards the complete dossier to the Manitoba Provincial Authority and on to our facilitating agencies in order for the dossier to be authenticated prior to being sent to the country.

Child Referral

Adoption Options receives and presents the child referral from the country to prospective adoptive parent(s) and assists in the process leading up to traveling to the child’s country. The facilitating agency works with the adoptive family to make travel and placement arrangements.

Post Placement Reports

Adoption Options will ensure that intercountry requirements for post placement reports are fulfilled.

International Programs

Manitoba residents must use a Manitoba agency for intercountry adoptions.  The facilitating agency may be located out of province, but the application must be made through a Manitoba agency.

It is important to note that the status of intercountry adoption programs can change frequently and programs will open and close or requirements from the country may change without notice.

AO can only work with countries where the adoption is finalized in that country.  Adoptions that are finalized in Canada must be completed by CFS, for example the Philippines.

Adoption Options currently has intercountry programs with the following countries:

For More Information

If you have any further questions please contact the office at or 204-774-0511 .