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Intercountry Adoption FAQs

What factors should I consider in making a decision to adopt from another country?
You must be able to accept the counties culture and have the patience to deal with possible frustrations of the inter-country adoption process, such as uncertain time frames and seemingly endless paperwork.
Are there restrictions to who can apply?
Each country has its own requirements. There are requirements and restrictions on such things as age, marital status, family size, income and health.
What will we know about the child’s history?
When you receive a referral you will receive pictures and the child’s known medical and social history. With some countries you may be able to meet the birthfamily.
Can we adopt more than one child?
Only in the case of twins or siblings would applicants be able to adopt more than one child at a time.
Who are the children available for adoption?
The ages of the children available for adoption varies with each intercountry adoption program. Most children are over 3 years with the exception of Florida where the children are newborns. Some children have minor or correctable medical conditions. Sibling groups may also be available depending on the country.
How long will I have to wait to adopt a child?
This depends on the country and often cannot be predicted.
Do we have to travel to the country?
Yes, travel is required. The length of stay and amount of trips depends on the specific country requirements.