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Private Adoption FAQ’s

How long is the wait?
At Adoption Options it is the birthparents who choose the family. Adoption Options can not guarantee that you will be chosen. Some of our families are chosen within months of approval while some have waited over six years.
Can a birthmother change her mind about her decision to place her baby for adoption?
A birthmother can only consent to an adoption 48 hours after the baby is born and can change her mind about placing prior to signing her consent. Once a birthmother signs her legal consent she has 21 days in which to revoke it. This is a risk that adoptive parents must accept when entering into a private adoption arrangement. Following the 21-day revocation period, the birthparents may no longer revoke their consent.
Does an open adoption mean that there is unlimited contact between adoptive families and birthparents
All private adoptions are open which means full disclosure of identities. The amount and type of contact varies from adoption to adoption;from sending a letter and pictures once a year to ongoing physical visits. Adoption Options will help the adoptive families and the birthparents create an Openness Agreement that outlines the form and amount of contact.
What will the birthparents know about us?
Birthparents will read the letter and photographs of those families that match based on the double match system. After reviewing the letters and photographs, the birthparents will narrow their choice to two or three families and will read more detailed information on those families. Once the birthparents have selected one family, an introductory meeting will be scheduled so more information will be shared directly.
What will we know about the birthparents?
As much as possible! Prior to meeting the birthparents, the prospective adoptive parent(s) will review their medical and social history and some other details about their desire to pursue adoption. In some cases, the only birthfather information you may receive is what the birthmother can supply.
Are there legal fees?
Yes, adoptive parent(s) pay for their legal fees as well as the birthparent(s) legal fees.