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Our Stories

Our Stories

That’s Me

A Birthmother’s Poem

The warmth you feel from the sunshine on a summer’s day;
That’s me…giving you a hug.

The breeze that brushes across your cheek as you play in the leaves;
That’s me…giving you a gentle kiss.

The butterflies in your stomach on your first day of school;
That’s me…saying “I have faith in you.”

The accelerated heart beat you feel when you bring home your first A;
That’s me…dancing with joy.

The moment of clarity after your first heart break;
That’s me…assuring you that everything will be ok.

The rain that falls upon your face as you realize that he’s the one;
That’s me…crying tears of pride.

The brief second that you can’t breathe as you stand in your wedding dress;
That’s me…gasping at how beautiful you are.

The tightening you feel in your palm during the labor of your first child;
That’s me…holding your hand.

Although you may not have seen me… I was there, watching over you.
Everyday of your life.