Adoption is Love, Love is Family, Family is Forever

Our Stories

  • From Adoptive Parents

    Our Adoption Journey

    Our journey to adoption started as most others; we just wanted to have children. We have been blessed to know all 3 of our children from the earliest days in their lives.  It never mattered to us who was adopted and who was biological; they are simply ours. We are watching them all grow (too quickly) into independent and insightful young people. The adoption path was not part of our initial plan, but we can’t imagine life any other way. We are grateful everyday for our family and for those who helped us build it.

  • From Adoptive Parents

    Feeling Hopeful

    “After we walked out of the doors from having our initial meeting with the Social Worker at AO, we felt a feeling of hope which no one else had been able to offer us before. A hope of having a family.  Five years after that initial meeting, we received a call that changed our lives.  We not only welcomed a baby boy, who was a dream come true into our family, we also welcomed his wonderful birthmom, birthdad, and extended families.”